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Emplois - Post-Doc

Professeur DALLE Frédéric
Tel: +33380393348

One-year post-doctoral position at University of Dijon.
The lipidic purge of pesticides: physiological mechanisms and
evolutionary conservation

A funded postdoctoral position is available from April 2019 at the VAlMiS (Vin
Aliment Microbiologie Stress) Unit, UMR PAM, Dijon (Scientific leader of the
project: Pr. Frederic Dalle). This one-year position is part of the collaborative ANR
project ‘Lipidic Purge’ involving the VAlMiS unit and the UPR 9022 CNRS
Strasbourg (Dr. Ferrandon Dominique, PI of the project). The present project
follows up a previous ANR grant (BEELOSS) in which the UPR 9022 made the major
discovery that pesticide exposure favor intracellular parasitism by microsporidia
and kills insects (Drosophila model) due to lipidic purge in enterocytes as a result of
a competition for lipids between the parasite and pesticides. This project is focused
on the lipidic purge as a resilience mechanism that represents a novel interaction of
organisms with ingested xenobiotics, thus opening a novel and unexpected chapter
in the field of detoxification.
Based on preliminary data reporting lipidic purge in mammalian enterocytes
exposed to pesticides, the post-doctoral fellow will study to which extent lipidicpurge
is conserved in mammals. He will specify the cellular and molecular
mechanisms of this enterocytic purge in in vitro models and will investigate the
detrimental synergy possibly existing between pesticide exposure and intracellular
paratism of other microorganism models. This project will be conducted in the
« Pathophysiology of systemic infections » team of the VAlMiS Unit, UMR PAM,
Dijon, France. This unit has expertise in host-pathogen interaction of
microorganisms with gastro-intestinal mucosa. The University of Burgundy campus
hosts expert teams in immunology, microbial pathogenesis, as well as cutting-edge
technical platforms.
Candidate profile
We are looking for a highly motivated investigator with a PhD in cellular and
molecular biology/immunology of intestinal cells, a taste for multidisciplinary
studies and an ability to work within a team. A solid expertise in cellular biology of
the intestinal cells is expected. Experience in animal models and in microbiology
will be appreciated.
The post-doctoral position is for 1 year, renewable.
Starting date: April 2019
Interested candidates should send a letter summarizing research interests and
career goals, CV with publication list and contact informations from two academic
references to: Pr. Frederic Dalle (E-mail:


Offre d'emploi INRA - PhD in Nutrition and Cellular Biology of the Retina

Job title

PhD in Nutrition and Cellular Biology of the Retina

Job type (PhD, Post-doc, Engineer)


Contract duration (months)

36 months

Qualifications (Master degree, PhD…)

Applicants must hold a Master’s degree in molecular biology, biochemistry or cell biology.

Job hours (full time/ part time)

Full time


UBFC – Université de Franche-Comté

Host Laboratory

This position will be based at Dijon (France). The applicant will join the “Eye, Nutrition and Cell Signaling” team whose research aims at studying the roles of lipids in the physiology and dysfunctions of the retina in relation to retinopathies.

This research group is part of the Centre for Taste and Feeding Behavior (CSGA).  The successful applicant will get into a dynamic environment of researchers and teacher working on the sensory perception of food, the eating behaviors and their health consequences.

URL Host Laboratory

Address Host Laboratory

Centre INRA

Bâtiment Le Magnen

17 rue Sully

21 000 DIJON

Job description

Autophagy is a critical regulator of cell homeostasis and metabolism, and its regulation is highly sensitive to nutritional variations. It has a well-recognized role in maintaining the structure and function of the retina. A decline of autophagy activity is observed during physiological aging of the retina and in age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the primary cause of blindness in industrialized countries. The retina is particularly sensitive to diet and particularly lipid variations.

Our objectives are to study whether lipids in diet have an impact on the decline of autophagy during aging.


Bringer, Marie-Agnès (

Candidate profile

We are seeking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic PhD candidate with a desire to move forward research in nutrition and health.

We aim to explore impact of lipids on the molecular mechanism of autophagy in the retina during aging. Thus, the ideal candidate should have a strong background and previous experience in molecular and cell biology.

Previous experience working with mice is preferred.

Experience in lipid analysis, cell biology of the retina or electrophysiology of the retina will be appreciated.

Strong communication and team working skills are required.


Nutrition, Lipid, Cell biology, Autophagy, Health, Retina

Application deadline

July 15, 2019

Starting Job

October 01, 2019



PhD Position

Please send the following documents (all in one PDF file) by e-mail to “indicate contact email” :


1) For EU candidates: Copy of your national ID card or of your passport page where your photo is printed.

    For non-EU candidates: Copy of your passport page where your photo is printed.


2) Curriculum Vitae (1 page).


3) Letter of motivation relatively to the position (1 page).


4) Copy of your Master degree and/or Engineer degree if already available.

5) Copy of your final marks and ranks.


6) Coordinates of reference persons (maximum 3, at least your master thesis supervisor): Title, Name, organization, e-mail.


If you have questions regarding the application, please contact the supervisor.

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